About Us


About Our McDonough Pest Control Company

From our founder:


My name is Greg Sweat, and I am the founder of Providence Pest Control. I first fell in love with the “Bug Business” way back in 1996. My initial career path was in retail management, but because of the 70-hour weeks, I was looking for something else. A co-worker of mine whose family owned a small pest control company suggested I check out that line of business. I inquired about an open position and the rest is history.

I started on a pest route with my eye on a future management position. I absolutely loved the work. Solving problems for my customers gave me a sense of accomplishment that kept me motivated and striving to become an expert in the field. About two years in, the small company was purchased by a large corporation. I was unsure at first, but stuck it out and started working my way up through the ranks. I served in every position in the pest control business all the way up to an executive. Even though I accomplished my goals during those 20 years with that company the entrepreneur spirit was calling.

So, after much thought, prayer and discussions with my wife and children, the decision was made. Providence Pest Control was born out of a desire to serve customers in our community and solve their bug and pest control problems. We are truly a family business. Jan, my wife, helps with the books. Emily, our daughter, follows up on our pest control services. Gregory, our son, is quickly becoming an exterminator expert at digging termite trenches and cleaning out crawl spaces.


What sets Providence Pest Control apart from every other bug company in McDonough and surrounding areas?

We have been asked numerous times: “How are you competing with all the big guys?”

  • Our answer is always “We don’t know how they’re competing with us!” We are winning the local customer base that is frustrated with large corporate companies that have rigid policies, poor service and are not flexible with what they really want.

We hear all the time: “I am tired of the pest control tech showing up without an appointment.”

  • We will never come to your home without your permission and without an appointment.

We hear all the time: “I am tired of the annual price increases from my pest control company.”

  • We will never increase your price — it is locked in for as long as we do business together.

We hear all the time: “I am tired of getting a different pest control tech every time.”

  • You will be dealing with the owner of the company or a pest control expert who has been trained by the owner of our company. We will not send someone to your home who you have not been introduced to and who you have not approved beforehand.

We hear all the time: “I am locked into a contract.”

  • We do not lock our customers into long-term contracts. We will earn your business upon each and every visit. You can cancel at any time. You will see such a difference in our service and communication that you will want us to come back again and again.

We hear all the time: “Their pest control tech was supposed to treat the attic, but he didn’t.”

  • We do not take shortcuts. If you want the area treated, we guarantee it will be done upon each visit.

We hear all the time: “Their tech spent 10 minutes here and then they were gone.”

  • We spend whatever time is needed to make sure you’re not seeing bugs or pests. Our average new pest control service takes more than an hour to perform, and our maintenance service takes more than 30 minutes on average.

We hear all the time: “I have no idea what my pest control tech does.”

  • We will communicate with you before performing any extermination service. You will know exactly what we are going to do and what kind of products we will be using. We will let you know what to expect after the service is complete and answer any questions you may have. We want educated customers!

We are here for the customer who does not want to be treated like a number and who wants a personalized, customized service. We are easy to do business with — our prices are competitive, and our service is extraordinary. Contact us today to get started! We offer residential and commercial pest control plans.