Our McDonough Pest Control Plans

At Providence Pest Control, we customize our residential service plans for each individual home, depending on the following factors:

  • The type of insects you are dealing with.
  • Conducive conditions.
  • Pest pressures.
  • Customer’s preference.

Our residential service plans cover the most common pests seen in households, such as roaches, ants, silverfish, millipedes, centipedes, crickets and spiders. Fire ants, carpenter ants, brown recluse spiders, rodents, fleas and ticks may require an additional program and separate treatment.

We can discuss your specific pest problem over the phone and help you decide what will be best for your home and situation.

Our pest control services team is available to answer any questions, and we will thoroughly explain our products and services. After all, we want our customers to be educated.

We offer free inspections of your home and our services are guaranteed. If bugs come back, so will we. Contact us today.

Seven Reasons You Should Invest In Regular Residential Pest Control Services with Providence

Keeping the loved ones in your home happy and healthy comes with multiple, routine tasks you need to perform on a regular basis. One of those tasks should be pest control treatments.

Below, we’ve listed seven reasons you should invest in residential pest control services for your McDonough home. Keep in mind that our staff also services surrounding communities!

    • Pests can be dangerous. Bugs and pests are suboptimal to the health of those who reside in your home. For example, bugs like spiders and ants can be poisonous and can bite you. Cockroaches are known to spread disease and germs throughout the spaces they infest. Stay safe and get rid of these pests before they can compromise your family’s health.
    • Pests can create chaos and cause damages to your home. Bugs can not only be harmful to you physically, but they can also be harmful to the condition of your home. For example, termites cause about $5 billion worth of damage each year, and they hide out for long periods of time eating away at the wood in your home.
    • DIY isn’t always the best solution for pests. The insect repellent you spray yourself around your home simply won’t do the trick. Pest control experts are trained to find the best, most efficient way to get rid of the bugs that have taken over your home. They also have access to pest-killing products that aren’t readily available to most consumers.
    • You’ll save money in the long run. Emergency pest control services are more expensive than preventative routine maintenance. Investing in regular pest control services will be more cost-effective in the long scheme of things. At Providence, we’ll never increase the cost of your services as long as you work with us.
    • Customized treatment plans. A professional pest control company can develop a comprehensive removal program that ensures all pests are taken care of, not just a few.
    • Professional advice. A professional can give you tips and tricks to help keep the bugs away. They can also identify what might be attracting these pests in the first place!
    • You can rest assured that your home is safe and secure from any pests or bug invasions. With the help of a professional pest control expert, you can relax and rest easy knowing you’re doing what is necessary to prevent any bug infestations from occurring in your home! The responsibility falls on us to protect you.

Receive the best pest control services in the area from our experienced and knowledgeable team at Providence Pest Control. Contact us today to schedule a service and get started!